Understanding Risk vs Reward.  My 30+ year career has led me to two conclusions - most lawyers are too risk adverse, and most entrepreneurs are overt risk takers. The art of getting a great deal closed for your client is striking the proper balance. To do that, your legal advisor needs to understand not only the basic terms of the business deal, but all the various underlying factors involved including the economics driving the deal valuation, the true business risks vs the theoretical legal risks involved in every deal, each parties motivation for wanting the deal, and a keen understanding of how all those competing factors intersect.

Finding Answers Not Problems.  My second transaction philosophy is that there are rarely absolute roadblocks to bring a deal to successful closure, just detours.  Finding and making those detours as short and painless as possible requires someone with years of experience and creativity. 

Efficiency and Effectiveness.  The legal profession is still mired in outdated billing practices.  A client shouldn't have to worry about how many hours their lawyer is working, or whether they are indeed working efficiently or just padding unnecessary hours. My fees are based on a pre-negotiated arrangement depending on the type of transaction involved.

Attention You Deserve.  At most big law firms or investment banks the bulk of your transaction is handled by junior associates. They are not experienced deal attorneys or transaction advisors. With me, you get my full attention throughout every aspect of the transaction.

Vast Network. In addition to my legal and financial advisory services, I have a vast database of contacts.  So whether you are looking for an investment banker, commercial lender, investors, board members, management, etc., I can assist.