Carl Kleidman - I have over 30+ years as a corporate lawyer, investment banker and private equity investor. I began my career by practicing law for 10 years and was a partner at the law firm of Shea & Gould. I then spent 20+ years as in-house counsel and as an investment professional at private equity funds, hedge funds and boutique investment banks such as ComVest Partners, BelHealth Partners, Commonwealth Associates, Barington Capital, and Viridian Capital. In addition to my own practice, I am of counsel with the law firm of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp if your needs require a fuller service law firm. I have led over 200+ investment and/or M&A transactions and understand the value of having a deal closed.

I have a JD from Cornell University and a BS form Syracuse School of Management, majoring in finance and accounting.

If you require the expertise of a seasoned law partner as well as an experienced investment banker and private equity investor to make sure that you are getting the best financial and legal advice who knows the angles from all sides, you have come to the right place. Just as important, I know the importance of making sure a transaction get done in a timely and cost effective manner